Sushmita congratulates Parul for bringing honour to India

Former beauty queen and actress Sushmita Sen has congratulated ‘I AM She’ candidate Parul Duggal for winning the first runner-up title at the Miss Globe International pageant in Cyprus.
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‘Chikni Chameli’ was not my style: Katrina

Katrina Kaif is garnering a lot of praise for gyrating to item number “Chikni Chameli” in Karan Johar’s forthcoming film “Agneepath”, but the actress says the “lavni” style dancing was not a cakewalk for her.
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Kareena is magic: Imran Khan

Imran Khan has already admitted Kareena Kapoor is his favourite actress. Working with her in romantic comedy “Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu” has only strengthened his belief.

“She is like a light bulb. The second the director says ‘action’, this light comes up and you can’t take your eyes off her. She is magic,” Imran said on the sidelines of an event here.
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Priyanka’s starry tantrums

Apparently, Priyanka Chopra is throwing too many tantrums on the sets of ‘Barfee’

Looks like Piggy Chops is following the footsteps of her ex-beau Shahid Kapoor. Similar to his obsession for perfection, Priyanka too has been throwing a few starry tantrums to have things her way on the sets of Barfee.
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The drama queens of Bollywood

This year has been witness to some interesting choice of roles. Here’s who impressed us with the most convincing performance

Considering the male-dominated nature of the industry, heroines are generally perceived as the glamour quotient in the movies. Nonetheless, some actresses rise above this notion and the script, to deliver performances that deserve more than applause.

Priyanka Chopra

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Priyanka on a hugging spree?

Arch rival Priyanka Chopra made the first move and hugged Kareena Kapoor at the same event

Did they fake it or was it for real? Arch rivals Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra yet again did an all is well act at the entertainment awards event in Andheri on Sunday night.
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I don’t have a bikini body: Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor gets candid about her paunch, her patch-ups and the changing times in Bollywood

You haven’t really shown skin or done intimate scenes on screen. When do we get to see a bolder you?
When I have a better body… I have the body of a normal girl but I don’t have ripped abs. I have a little bit of paunch, little extra flesh on my arms and legs.
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Veena Malik now accused of copying Katrina Kaif’s look

Veena Malik has again landed in the middle of a controversy, this time for “ripping-off” Katrina Kaif’s look in a new film. After turning down a number of Bollywood roles, the Pakistani actress agreed to dance in an item song titled The Item Bomb Channo.
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Hot Shots: Neha Dhupia

Roll Camera. Neha emerges from the sea in a pink bikini. Cut!

This scene in her debut movie, ‘Qayamat’, instantly propelled her to sex symbol status. What followed was an array of films that only required her to strut her sex appeal on-screen. With movies such as ‘Mithya’ and ‘Ek Chalis Ki Last Local’, Neha proved that she was an actress of substance. Today, her acting resume features a good mix of commercial cinema and made-for-multiplex movies.

Here’s a pictorial tribute to the uber-sexy Neha Dhupia, whose latest release ‘Pappu Can’t Dance Saala’ will hit the screens this weekend.
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