Salman Khan celebrates his 46th birthday

Five Reasons why we love Salman Khan

As Salman Khan celebrates his 46th birthday on 27th December, we list down five reasons why we absolutely adore this cutesy bad boy of Bollywood.

1 His ‘I give a damn attitude’ Be it his complex relationships, failed films, off screen legal battles, bad press…Salman Khan takes it all with a pinch of salt. If you happen to catch him while he is relaxing, away from the camera, you will find him riding a bicycle in his shorts! At times it becomes important to be disconnected from the outside world and just be who you are without being apologetic about it. He does not defend himself; react to any allegations raised against him. He takes the high road and we like it.

2 That chiselled perfect body Salman Khan is the reason why heroes decided to ‘get into shape’ on camera. He was the reason why men wanted to look fit and handsome. He has never been into short term ‘six pack abs workout’ for a film but rigorous round the year gymming which is highly inspirational for his fans.

3 Wears his heart on his sleeve Salman will always call a spade a spade. If you like it, like it or leave it. ‘Dabangg’ in real life too, the actor is anything but diplomatic. As per hearsay, he is open about wanting to do ‘hit’ films over ‘good’ films. Be it his short-temper, humour or sarcasm…everything is no holds barred. Actors generally prefer to hide their illnesses but Salman was open about the trigeminal neuralgia, a nerve disorder that he had been suffering from. What you see is what you get. He rarely likes to flaunt his generosity too.

4 Never discusses his women Extremely popular with the ladies, though the news of his alleged ‘violent behaviour’ has been flashed in print before, the actor gives all the respect he can to his ex’s by not discussing them in his interviews or washing dirty linen in public. We have not seen him get too touchy-feely with his female co-stars on camera, which helps him earn those extra brownie points on ‘decency’ from the elderly. The actor is also Bollywood’s most sought after eligible bachelor who refuses to settle down!

5 Films, style, dialogues: The ultimate Trend setter What ever Salman does becomes a rage. Be it his biceps, dialogues, dressing, songs, hair, glasses, jeans! He caters to all the age groups, strata of society. From kids to the elderly…everyone likes Salman bhai whether he acts well or doesn’t. We like him because he is Salman Khan.

Wish Salman Khan on his birthday, stating what makes him so special for you, below this article.

Courtesy : TOI


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