The ugliest fashion moments of 2011

Sporting quirky style is one thing, getting it all wrong is another. Here’s a look into some of this year’s biggest fashion faux pas…

Sonu Niigam and Madhurima The singer’s bizarre dress sense has been discussed earlier. This time looks like he’s out to outdo the flashbulbs with those unbelievably hideous pants.

Shah Rukh Khan

Sporting a macho pony tail is great. but borrowing a colourful hair accessory from your daughter’s dressing table is a strict no-no.

Ekta Kapoor

This queen of soaps is also the queen of bizarre dressing. This one especially looks like a rich satin bed sheet hurriedly stitched up to drape her. And for the nth time those hideous chappals are simply err…ugh!

Sonam Kapoor

She is known for her most enviable wardrobe. But then the best of them goof up. Sonam does it with this dress cum tent if stuck in a desert combination.

Priyanka Chopra


Several international couture houses are doing the saree inspired gowns this year. Piggy Chops, who was ahem…recently awarded the title of the best dressed Bollywood actress of the year by a fashion magazine, tries the same but ends up looking like a giant sized strawberry ice candy.

Myra Karn

We understand it was your first Bollywood premiere Myra (for No One Killed Jessica). But wearing an outfit that resembles my granny’s mosquito net? Tch tch.

Neha Dhupia

Neha’s got her finger right on the absolute rage this season lace! But otherwise impeccably turned out, she makes the ultimate fashion faux pas by letting the outline of her underwear show through her ensemble. Let’s not even talk about the love handles.

Poorna Jagannathan

Poorna is well travelled so one would expect a better fashion sense. While we love her for her quirky personality, that tacky skirt is killing it all.

Divya Kumar

Divya has more misses than hits in the style department. Here she manages to look like the twin sister of Tin Man from the Hollywood classic, Wizard of Oz. Tut, tut!


Courtesy : mid day


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