I may bring SRK, Ajay together in a film: Rohit

Rohit Shetty talks about his upcoming film projects and new reality TV show

Post Singham, Rohit Shetty is not just one of the highest paid directors today but is also in the news for his big switch – directing Shah Rukh Khan in Chennai Express post a successful stint with Ajay Devgn – next year. Rohit has also signed on for a TV show. In a freewheeling chat, the straight-talking director talks about his new reality TV show and his equation with both stars.

People perceive you directing Shah Rukh Khan in Chennai Express as a big move. I don’t consider it a big move but a natural transition, just like my move from the show Comedy Circus to Big Switch on UTV Bindass, which is action-oriented. Chennai Express is a masala film with lots of hardcore action. Funnily enough, I’ve found lots of similarities between Ajay and Shah Rukh. Both only talk about work passionately. When I am with Ajay, he only talks about what can be done to raise the bar in filmmaking here. With SRK, it’s the same. Also, both are workaholics and have the same personal trainer!

Ajay has done five films with you. He’s cool with you directing SRK now? Why would Ajay feel bad? He’s always been supportive of my work, including Shah Rukh’s film. He was happy when he heard I was doing a film with SRK. In fact, I’m planning another hardcore action film with Ajay after Chennai Express is complete. I might bring SRK and Ajay together, or direct a film produced by both Shah Rukh’s Red Chillies and Ajay’s Ajay Devgn Entertainment. I think about things like how much revenue a film like this will generate for the industry rather than fight with people. Both are talented actors and great producers and care about the people who work for them.

Post Singham, you have upped your fee, and your new film Bol Bachchan has been sold for an unprecedented Rs 94 crore. I wouldn’t like to comment on the money aspect, but yes, Singham has brought about many changes for me. It’s a big responsibility for me that so many people have faith in me and my product. Also, when top police officers call to compliment me or senior colleagues praise me, I feel I have achieved something.

What made you accept a TV show? I had time in between my films. Also I enjoy doing television, as it creates awareness among people about who you are. It helps in brand building. Today, being on TV is a must-have job profile. It also helps you and your projects, because you understand what people want. I found the concept of Big Switch (starting December 25), very exciting.

What is it about? It’s an adventurous, action-based show where rich kids have to perform different roles. They are given jobs as stuntmen and waiters, or even taxi drivers and vada pao sellers. The aim is to make the kids realise the value of money. Only then do they understand how much time, effort and pain their parents have gone through to earn the money that they take only seconds to spend.

Courtesy : TOI


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