‘No sequel to K3G’

Ten years have gone by! To borrow an oft-repeated cliche; Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham – or K3G as the world knows it – has stood the vagaries of time and the box office.

On its 10th anniversary, the film continues to dominate mindspace because it not only drilled into us the mantra, “It’s all about loving your family”, but also brought together heavyweights like Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan together. KJo rightly calls K3G “the pillar film of Dharma” and says, “It was my father Yash Johar’s most favourite film. He liked K3G even more than my first film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. That alone makes K3G more special to me.”

Getting a tad sentimental about his 10-year-old baby, Karan says, “I honestly can’t believe that so many years have gone by. Satellite channels have kept it alive in the minds of people. Every week some channel is playing it, and I’m flooded with messages on social networking sites or on my phone. Most of the feedback is positive and it makes me nostalgic and proud.”

The filmmaker is pleasantly taken in by the fact that families in India and overseas continue to think of K3G as the ultimate family flick. “There is deep connectivity with it across the globe; not only with Indians but with non-Asians as well. Whether it is Germany or France, K3G is recommended even by foreigners as the quintessential Bollywood film. The emotions conveyed through this film are so deep; and since family is such a large part of what we are all about, the film resonates with everyone.”

Happy that his actors have grown in stature since, Karan says, “The legend of Amit uncle, Shah Rukh and Hrithik has become bigger now. Even today the Hrithik-Kareena pairing, the magic of SRK and Kajol, the stature that Amit uncle and Jaya aunty brought to the film… all of it is intangible.”

Having said that, Karan rules out the possibility of a sequel to the film because he is nervous. “I don’t think I can write a screenplay to justify the magnetism of these actors. Recreating the kind of history this film has enjoyed may not be possible. I’m scared that I may not be able to strike the same emotional chord once again. Since I don’t wish to bring even the slightest blemish to K3G, a sequel is ruled out.”

The flamboyant filmmaker also rules out a party to celebrate the movie. He feels, “Just throwing a party is not adequate. It isn’t just a celebratory moment. It’s a celebrated movie that lives and breathes beyond our shores. And I wish to express my love and gratitude to the entire cast, crew and my audience who has supported this film. Through them, it has earned its rightful place in the sun.”

Courtesy : TOI


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